ELWork workbenches are the ideal solution for workplaces that need to combine electrical and mechanical work in one place.

Electromechanical workplaces

The base of the table consists of a durable steel structure and a worktop made of solid beech wood. The electrical equipment of the workplace is clearly and safely integrated in the instrument panel. Modules can be selected from a wide range of manufactured devices according to the needs of a specific workplace. Optional storage spaces are part of the table.

Modules for the instrument panel

The individually designed composition of the modules in the instrument panel makes it possible to adapt the ELWork workplace to all the needs of the tasks and work performed. The wide range of modules is constantly supplemented with new models, for example different types of power supplies, transformers, socket panels, panels with data sockets, or micro soldering irons.

Categories of available modules

  • basic control and fuse modules
  • plug and socket power modules
  • modules of measuring devices
  • DC voltage source modules
  • AC voltage source modules
  • soldering station modules
  • data interface modules

Remote control of ELWork workstations

Practical teaching places increased demands on supervision, control and especially the safety of each workplace. ELWork remote control of workplaces brings a functional, safe and reliable solution to all the listed requirements from one place. The authorized person is thus enabled to independently turn on, turn off and monitor the status of each workplace in the room from the central control panel and thus completely control the progress of work at the workplaces. This significantly saves time and energy. Work safety is increasing too.


Thanks to a quick and clear check of the status of all workplaces, it is possible to remotely control each workplace, or turn off all workplaces at once in the event of an accident. The remote control is protected by a lock against unauthorized use. Remote control significantly strengthens the safety of electrical workplaces.


The use of 12 volt voltage to control all workplaces of the ELWork system saves the costs of building a central control. The use of data wires for distributions significantly reduces installation costs and at the same time enables faster and more flexible connection of all workplaces into one unit. Thanks to the use of 12 V distribution, reliability and overall safety are increased.

Remote control

The three-state control logic provides the authorized person with an immediate overview of the state of each workplace. Each workplace is assigned its own number on the control panel. The position of the workplace is defined by this number, and its specific status is defined by the color.

Workplace safety

The basic element of safety is the mandatory M08K module for single-phase or M32K module for three-phase equipment. These modules contain central shutdown, circuit breaker, current protector, TOTAL STOP safety button and control elements for communication with the central control panel.


Worktop lighting

High-quality workplace lighting protects health, reduces fatigue and increases accuracy at work. That is why directional lighting is part of ELWork desks. The location of the light is optional according to the equipment of the table.

Possibilities to install the instrument panel and shelves

The instrument panel can be placed on the worktop or in a superstructure above the table top. Another possible extension is the placement of one or two shelves above the instrument panel.

Wooden table top

A massive 40 mm thick beech jointed table top with a load capacity of up to 500 kg. The board is sanded and treated with a solution of linseed oil with additives. Thanks to this modification, the table is very pleasant to the touch and very durable. Thanks this is possible to the table top mounting other workshop equipment, for example a vice.

Optional drawer cabinets and containers

Tables can be equipped with various storage modules with lockable drawers or lockable doors.

Documents to download

Modules for the instrument panel

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ELWork catalog

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