Foil panel labels

Foil panel labels for placing on the front panels of machines, devices and measuring equipment.


  • increasing the aesthetic appearance and useful properties of the final products
  • quality design
  • quick and easy assembly
  • a wide range of design and color options
  • high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • moisture resistance
  • application in all branches of the electrical engineering industry, in medical, automation and measuring technology, in household and industrial appliances


The upper part of the foil panel labels is made of non-scratch high-quality PVC foil. The foil can be anti-reflective UV, matte or glossy. The print is from the underside of the foil, so it is resistant to abrasion. The foil is then adjusted to the desired shape by punching. Only transparent varnish is applied to the outside. For mounting on the product panel, the label is provided with a layer of acrylic-based adhesive. Transparent paint is used in place of the viewing windows and no glue is applied. For serial production, it is more appropriate to use foil with cutouts instead of glue. The lower surface of the label is protected by silicone paper.

Technical details

Optional support materials

PVCM300 matte medium coarse, thickness =0.3mm
PVCM400 matte medium coarse, thickness =0.4mm
PVCM500 matte medium coarse, thickness =0.5mm
PVCL300 glossy, thickness =0.3mm
PVCL400 glossy, thickness =0.4mm

Other materials used

Purpose of use
contact foil
spacer film
intermediate panel
printed circuit board
self-adhesive layer

fiberglass, ABS, plexiglass, Al, Fe
FR4, CM1
milky PVC film, rubber adhesive *
transparent PET film, acrylic glue **

0.1; 0.175 mm
0.3; 0.5 mm
1.0 – 4 mm
0.6; 0.8; 1.0; 1.5; 2.0 mm
0.04 mm
0.013 mm

* Long-term temperature resistance – 50 ÷ 70°C, short-term max. 125°C (it also depends on the surface of the panel). – Suitable for rough surfaces.
** Long-term temperature resistance – 50 ÷ 110°C, short-term max. 140°C (it also depends on the surface of the panel). – Suitable for smooth surfaces.

Optional printing colors

The digital printing technology used with UV curing enables full-color printing in the entire color spectrum without visible transitions between colors. When using a matte foil, the resulting color has a different shade than when using a glossy foil.

Optional colors of viewing windows

See-through windows are printed with transparent color – clear, red, blue, green, yellow (any shades and color combinations).

Business technical information

Materials for production must be submitted in electronic form in *.CDR (CorelDraw) format. Other formats must be consulted in advance. The entry must contain a drawing with dimensioned main dimensions including tolerances, the texts must be converted into curves. Colors must be specified using the Pantone, CMYK, RAL scale.

Seznam dalších informací potřebných pro výrobu

1) vnější rozměr v mm
2) vnější tvar
3) rozměr průhledových ploch pro displeje a LED v mm
4) rozměr ploch tlačítek v mm
5) počet barev + počet barev pro průhledová okna
6) použitý materiál
7) použité lepení