Teaching system for electrical engineering schools.

The best way of vocational training with real circuits and voltages.


A reliable background for science, production and education.

Technological workplaces with the highest ergonomic and professional criteria for everyday work.

Power sources

A concept of laboratory power supplies proven over the years.

AC and DC power supplies for powering devices in the laboratory, industry and education.

Electrical appliances

A set of electrical devices for work and education.

Micro soldering irons

Multi-purpose soldering devices designed for soldering electronic components.

Soldering stations designed for professional and amateur soldering.

We help you create

Precise, under constant control

Diametral develops and manufactures electrotechnical devices and complex electrotechnical workplaces. Production carried out in our own factory in the Czech Republic ensures constant control and precision of production. The design of the devices and workplaces reflects the requirements of customers and the many years of experience of Diametral’s technicians. Everything according to the motto: “We are not only producers, but also users!”

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