Robust. Stable. Mobile. And above all perfectly safe. The INQ-1 test box for rotating machines is assembled from thick-walled aluminum profiles and equipped with reliable protective elements. Ready to handle even the most intensive tests. It is an invaluable helper when testing electrotechnical products, rotating machines and brakes.

Ergonomics in practice

The INQ-1 consists of the test box itself in the upper part and the high-current power supply section in the lower part. The testing area is located directly in front of the worker under a large transparent cover, which provides not only safety during work, but also a perfect overview of what is happening on the worktop. The device under test can be installed on the board very easily using many T-slots. The high load-bearing capacity of the board, up to 200 kg, allows working with really heavy machines in the box. The high-current section stored under the plate contains connectors and power for all apparatus, as well as sockets and space where you can place your own measuring and data equipment.

INQ-1 test box in detail

The hinged cover on two gas struts for easier opening is equipped with a handle along the entire front length.

For easy handling, the test box is equipped with four double wheels with a high load capacity and brakes.

Control and measurement in the box is mediated by means of five RS-232 connectors and five RJ-45 connectors.

Supply and control voltages are separated from each other.

All the necessary wires are routed into the workspace via protective brushes, which ensure the tightness of the test box.

Robust construction of the test box made of strong profiles. The lower connecting part is accessible through a lockable door.

Work surface with integrated mounting T-slots for the use of mounting screws up to size M8.

Unwanted heat may be generated during tests. Ventilation is ensured by circular holes with a diameter of 120 mm covered by a grid on the sides of the lid. On request, they can be supplemented with fans.

Mechanical and electrical safety

The possibility of device damage or destruction is a natural part of testing. The INQ-1 test box provides a safe space for mechanical and electrical testing. The workspace is protected by a cover made of 6 mm thick polycarbonate, which catches any flying parts from the tested device. At the same time, it prevents any interference from the outside during the ongoing test. A safety lock with an adjustable length of delayed unlocking prevents the cover from being opened unintentionally. An electric shock is prevented by a number of safety measures, including the TOTAL-STOP button.

The test can be interrupted at any time using the TOTAL-STOP buttons on both sides of the box. On request, they can be supplemented with yellow backlighting.

Opening the hinged lid of the box during the test is prevented by a lock with an adjustable length of delayed unlocking.

The presence of voltage is signaled by a colored beacon in any situation. Every person in the vicinity is informed about the work in progress.

The protective cover is made of 6 mm thick polycarbonate. For even greater safety, the INQ-1 box can be equipped with a 2 mm protective grid.

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