Uno Volta

The Uno Volta panel set is designed for teaching and experimenting in wiring and measuring electrical circuits in many fields of electrical engineering and electronics. Individual areas of electrical engineering are processed on separate panels that can be combined with each other.

Each of the panels is focused on a certain issue, but the panels can complement each other and create more extensive sets of tasks.

Uno Volta panels are aimed at practicing the principles of wiring, designing the correct wiring and detecting errors in circuits. The Uno Volt panel system was created in cooperation with professional educators, therefore it meets the needs of current professional teaching.

Uno Volta Learning System

Thanks to the clarity and speed of problem solving, Uno Volta naturally supports students’ interest in discovering the basic rules of electrical engineering. Working with real voltages and electrical devices creates correct and safe habits of students when connecting electrical circuits right from the beginning of their studies.

The world changes, principles remain

Students today are most interested in how the latest technologies work. Computers, robots, mobile phones, tablets and artificial intelligence. Every professional educator knows well that students must first understand the basic principles of how electricity works. The Uno Volta system offers educators and students speed and clarity similar to virtual applications. At the same time, it maintains the possibility of working with real devices and components. Teaching with Uno Volta thus prepares students in a fun way to solve practical problems in the real world.

In the Uno Volta system

the precision of the production of each component meets the maximum emphasis on safety when working with electric current. The clear graphic processing of the panels emphasizes the clarity of the involvement of each solved task, thereby speeding up the process of understanding and memorization. The set of Uno Volta educational panels is constantly being expanded in line with the requirements of electrical engineering fields.

Uno Volta – direction of new teaching

Uno Volta panel sets expand and simplify learning and training in electrical wiring, testing and measurement.

Overview of key features:

  • high standard of safety of all elements
  • focus on specific practical tasks
  • clear graphic design of the panels
  • easy visual inspection of job engagement
  • fault simulator (under lockable cover)
  • a set of tasks in both printed and electronic form
  • modularity and variability of the entire system
  • easy handling and storage of panels
  • connecting panels into units using built-in magnets
  • constant development of new panels according to the needs of electrical engineering education

Virtual world?

We live in the real world

The Uno Volta learning system prepares students from the very beginning of learning to solve practical tasks in the real world. At the same time, it offers clarity and speed during teaching. The teaching of electrical engineering is more intensive and interesting for students thanks to the Uno Volta system.

  • no virtual wiring simulations
  • real connections with real devices
  • real world = real supply voltages
  • the shortest route from study to practice
  • education through practice
Uno Volta

Safety first

Unconditional safety when working with electric current is the first criterion in every design and realization of all Uno Volta panels. Each panel of the Una Volta system contains a set of safety features that ensure a high standard of safety for use in schools.

Checking the supply voltage

Incorrect connection of the power cord is signaled by a red light.

Protection of contacts

The panels are equipped with socket covers that prevent the student from touching live parts of the circuit.

Safety bananas

The stackable bananas are equipped with a safety case that isolates the conductor from accidental contact.

Protective cover with rotating shaft

The motor shafts are equipped with covers that light up red when the motor spins. The user is visually warned against accidental contact with the rotating shaft.

Perfect in detail

Most panels are equipped with a handle for easy portability.

The included hooks and feet allow the Uno Volta panels to be integrated into the Variolab and Varioclick systems.

Possibility to lock the failure simulation panel during tests and trials.

The safety banana with a diameter of 4 mm is ergonomically shaped and its construction enables multiple connections.

Color descriptions facilitate orientation in connection

Uno Volta teaching panels provide contact with real electrotechnical elements.

Uno Volta panels can be combined into larger units. Integrated magnets firmly connect the individual panels together.

Solutions for all electrical engineering fields

The Uno Volta panel and task system enables education in a wide range of electrical engineering fields. From the basic wiring of electrical installations, through security systems, to use in automotive and industrial production. The Uno Volta system is modular. By supplementing it with other panels and task sets, you can enrich your professional teaching according to the growth of educational development needs.

Education step by step

Visionaries in the technology fields have shown us that only a fine-tuned combination of hardware and software brings meaning, benefit and joy to the user.

Therefore, when designing the Uno Volta system, great emphasis is also placed on the preparation, publishing and development of didactic materials, as an integral part of the entire system. Thanks to this, you can immediately integrate the Uno Volta system into professional teaching.

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