VarioClick λ

How to get several times more time in electrical engineering education and move professional education into the 21st century? The answer to this question is the VarioClick λ system with its revolutionary practical education solution.

A revolutionary education, training and teaching system

The industrially protected connection of electrical installation elements to the base plate using load-bearing locks opens up unimagined teaching possibilities. The robust and stable connection now removes the tedious and unnecessary work associated with adjusting screws or bolts and nuts from the teaching process. The simplicity and speed of assembly brings the possibility of a completely new, more productive organization of teaching or training.

VarioClick λ is represented

By patent-protected attachment of components to the mounting plate

Interchangeable vertical mounting plate

Robust and modern work desk

  • modern way of professional teaching
  • elimination of downtime when connecting circuits
  • a system focused on real practice
  • quick assembly of elements on the base plate
  • multiple workplace learning
  • flexibility of task composition
  • timeless design
  • high robustness and resistance
  • work ergonomics
  • safety

Enter the world of education

VarioClick λ will find application in all educational institutions that are focused on practical teaching or training in the areas of:

  • classic electrical installation
  • smart building management
  • process automation
  • electronic security systems
  • fire alarm
  • installation of camera and surveillance systems
  • telephone lines
  • data networks
  • control of electric motors
  • regulation and measurement

No drilling and screwing =

100% time for professional work!

VarioClick λ solves the disadvantages of all previous methods of practical teaching. VarioClick λ removes the non-productive part of the practical training in the form of lengthy assembly of individual elements on the base plate. Thanks to the load-bearing locks on the individual elements of the installation, their assembly is a matter of time. The time thus saved can be used for practical wiring of the circuit. All efforts are focused only on solving the task.

Perfect in detail

The special design of the support locks allows the module to be attached to the base plate in a few seconds.

Easily replaceable name tag for easy identification of work in progress.

Concealed wiring. All wiring is routed inside the table leg.

The lighting of the workplace is provided by a powerful LED lamp. It can also be tilted.

The worktop is ergonomically 600 mm deep. It has optimal dimensions for storing tools and measuring equipment, it allows easy access to the base plate.

Each base plate with a work in progress can be easily removed from the table and stored in the cabinet. Thus, several students can be taught independently at more than one workplace.

The firm and stable construction of the table legs creates the basis for an ergonomically oriented table. Tables can be chained into larger units.

The power strip contains protection circuits, switching off the workplace, safety sockets and light control.

Rectification feet make it possible to level the unevenness of the floor.

VarioClick λ

Intensive teaching

More acquired knowledge and more practice during the same teaching time. VarioClick λ allows the student to fully concentrate on the task without having to spend time on non-productive activities.

The basis of a neat and effective connection is the correct placement of individual elements and other components on the base plate. No additional tools are required for this activity. It is only necessary to think carefully about the concept of connection.

The assembly itself is very fast!

After placing the components on the base plate comes the most important part of the training – the actual connection of the task. All efforts are focused on engaging the circuit, not on unproductive activities. This increases the effectiveness of professional teaching.

High efficiency of professional teaching!

There is strength in speed

How to snap a task element in 1 second in three steps?

Step one

Select the correct surface element and grab it.

Step two

Insert the lower locks of the element into the holes of the base plate.

Step three

Snap the top locks of the element into the holes of the base plate. CLICK!

No screws, bolts, nuts or nails!

Sample tasks

We do not focus only on the workplace itself or individual components. At the same time, we want to be co-creators of the educational professional program. Therefore, in the VarioClick λ system, we present trainers with a set of complexly processed tasks. Each task contains an exact number of elements, a circuit diagram and a solution procedure. Schematics and solution procedures are included in the book as well as on the CD.
Just select the right task and engage!

Value added

The construction of Varioclick λ workstations can be made in the following colors: blue 5023, red 3002, yellow 1023, green 6029, gray 7035 and graphite 9011.

To save space in the classroom, individual workstations can be chained into complete sets. This brings optimal use of every space needed for teaching.

Simply remove the base plate with the work in progress from the stand and store it in the special cabinet of the Varioclick λ system. An assignment can be marked with a student label and returned to in the future.

Documents to download

Catalog VarioClick λ

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Teaching tasks

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