Only an ergonomically correct workplace enables safe and efficient work. The VarioLab+ system with its sophisticated design, wide range of accessories and the concept of two active zones ensures ideal conditions for the successful solution of any task.

The workplace grows with you

The VarioLab+ system allows individual selection and assembly of devices, future expansion is expected.

Comfort is not a luxury

A comfortable workplace increases the efficiency of work and teaching, and minimizes the possibility of mistakes, accidents due to fatigue, or confusing situations at work.

Innovation from practice

The practical experiences of users provide us with inspiration for the constant improvement and modernization of both the devices and all other elements of the VarioLab+ system.

Strong background

The development and production of VarioLab+ technological workplaces is in-house according to the highest quality standards.

VarioLab+, whatever you do

Two active zones for a modern way of working

The VarioLab+ workplace is divided into two active zones – a work zone consisting of a work table and a zone for power supply and measuring technology located in the instrument superstructure. All the necessary devices are integrated into separate modules located in the device superstructure, the worktop remains completely free.

Everything at your fingertips and always right in front of your eyes

The instrument superstructure can be equipped with modules from a wide range of offered instruments and can be changed if necessary. The actual layout of the modules in the superstructure reflects the specific needs of the user. Thanks to the slanted front panel towards the worker, all indicators are easily visible and readable.

directly tailored to you

The VarioLab+ system allows you to create a workplace that exactly meets your current and future needs. The open concept allows the workplace to be easily expanded with additional devices and accessories. The dimensions of the tables and device superstructures are perfectly adapted to your needs and the space you have available.

Perfect in detail

VarioLab+ can also be supplied in an ESD version, which eliminates electrostatic voltage caused by the devices or the worker. The ESD variant guarantees that work will be safe even for sensitive components.

The instrument electric superstructure is produced in many widths. The design can be one-sided or double-sided.

Readable display of indicator values and easy control of instruments, as the front of the superstructure is at an angle of 10 °.

Each VarioLab+ workplace is equipped with a circuit breaker with a current protector and a yellow-illuminated TOTAL STOP button for quickly turning off the power supply to the entire workplace.

Easy adjustment of the height of the table top and shelves by 1 mm without the need to dismantle the entire table.

A channel with a hinged lid in the back part of the table top is used to store the supply cables to the devices on the board.

Intelligent hidden routing of electrical cables or hoses with compressed air is inside the table legs.

Comb holder for clear and easily accessible storage of measuring cords.

Shade with magnets for attaching drawings.

The devices are built into a solid metal chassis, which ensures the robustness of the devices and at the same time serves as electromagnetic shielding.

Accessories such as a PC holder or electrical sockets can be easily mounted on the leg structure.

The mobile versions of the workplace are equipped with travel wheels, the front wheels are always equipped with a brake. For antistatic workplaces, these wheels are antistatic.


Work safety above all else

During the development of the VarioLab+ system, a fundamental emphasis is still placed on work safety. The basic modules are therefore equipped as standard with circuit breakers, protectors and the main TOTAL STOP button with yellow backlight. Switching on and off the VarioLab+ workstation is signaled by a sound signal.

The yellow-illuminated TOTAL-STOP button quickly and accurately guides the operator to a safe shutdown in emergency situations.

In the basic assembly, the protection module is equipped with a protector with tripping characteristic
C and a differential current of 30 mA.

Each VarioLab+ device is independently tested and tested for operation even in demanding conditions.

When the superstructure lid is opened, the power supply from the devices integrated in the superstructure will be switched off.

Instruments for VarioLab+ superstructures

The new Diametral VarioLab+ 4.0 instrument modules are characterized by a lightweight and timeless design. Most of the modules underwent a total innovation taking into account new knowledge from practice. The VarioLab+ system includes a comprehensive range of electrotechnical, measuring and pneumatic devices that enable various tasks to be carried out. The devices are built into a solid metal chassis, which guarantees the robustness of the device and at the same time serves as shielding.

Category of produced modules

  • basic power supply and fuse modules
  • socket power modules
  • connection terminal modules
  • modules of measuring devices
  • fixed DC voltage source modules
  • fixed AC voltage source modules
  • modules of DC laboratory sources
  • modules of AC laboratory sources
  • isolation transformer modules
  • modules of decades
  • variable autotransformer modules
  • soldering station modules
  • data interface modules
  • non-electric media modules
  • electrical function modules
  • storage modules

VarioLab+ attachments

The VarioLab+ instrument superstructures are used for building all instruments into one clear and compact unit. Individual devices are placed in the superstructure in logical groups as required by the way of work at the workplace. Devices can be easily supplemented or their location in the superstructure can be changed according to changes in the workplace. Perfect readability and elimination of unwanted glare on the instrument indicators is achieved by tilting the instruments in the superstructures by 10°. Depending on the method of use, the superstructures are installed either at a height or directly on the worktop. Smaller and simpler workplaces are solved using mini superstructures or instrument channels, which are an alternative to standard VarioLab+ superstructures while maintaining all the features of the system.

Remote control of VarioLab+ workplaces

Teaching in schools places increased demands on supervision, control and especially the safety of each workplace. The remote control of VarioLab+ workplaces brings an elegant, safe and reliable solution to all the above requirements from one place. The teacher can independently turn on, turn off and monitor the status of individual workplaces in the room from the central control panel and thereby fully influence the activities of the students at the workplaces. This significantly saves the time and energy of the professional teacher and increases work safety.


Thanks to a quick and clear check of the status of all workplaces, it is possible to remotely turn off and on individual workplaces, or turn off all workplaces at once in the event of an accident. The remote control is protected by a lock against unauthorized use by unauthorized persons. Remote control thus significantly strengthens the safety of electrical workplaces.


The use of 12 volt voltage to connect and control all workstations of the VarioLab+ system in the entire room saves the costs of building a central control. The use of data wires for distributions significantly reduces installation costs and at the same time enables faster and more flexible connection of all workplaces into one unit. This increases reliability, and thanks to the use of 12 V distribution, overall safety.


The three-state control logic provides the professional teacher with an immediate overview of the state of individual workplaces. Each workplace has a clearly defined position on the control panel displayed by a number with a color change according to the specific state of the controlled workplace.

VarioLab+ furniture

In addition to the production, research or teaching function, each workplace also has an aesthetic function. A wide range of robust VarioLab+ laboratory furniture is prepared for the clear and safe storage of all necessary materials, instruments and documents. It includes cabinets, containers, mobile measuring racks and other furniture and accessories for the complete equipment of workshops, classrooms and research workplaces. The unified furniture design with the VarioLab+ workplace system will allow you to easily create a modern, ergonomic, safe and at the same time aesthetically harmonious workplace.

The backs of all cabinets are made of LTD with a thickness of 18 mm.

The color and decor of the furniture and VarioLab+ workplaces can be according to the specific requirements of the user.

Quality materials and robust construction ensure high utility value.

The precise design, thought out to the smallest detail, creates the perfect appearance of every VarioLab+ part.

All workstations and VarioLab+ cabinets can also be supplied in an antistatic design.

Cabinet doors and container drawers can be equipped with a lock.

Virtual tour of VarioLab+ classrooms

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