Take your work to a new level with the VertiGO electrical workplace. A highly ergonomic work table with integrated components will provide you with more space and you will complete your tasks more easily than before.

This revolutionary workplace reflects all the experience gained during the development of functional VarioLab+ workplaces. The high-quality, universal, flexible and detailed concept of VertiGO workplaces combines simplicity and benefit for the user. The vertical arrangement of the devices in the legs enables an unprecedented organization of the work space. Additional modules with devices can be placed in VarioLab+ device superstructures, which are fully compatible with the VertiGO table system.


A large work area for perfect handling of all tasks. Workplace without limits!


Perfect connectivity is undoubtedly a great advantage of the VertiGO workplace.


Easy accessibility of all devices and work elements. Ergonomics for your comfort!


The VertiGO workplace is our experience and your requirements. VertiGo is inspired by you!

High ergonomics

The VertiGO system consists of a worktop and a metal structure with modular devices. The devices are practically placed in the structure according to the usual frequency of use. The most frequently used devices, such as power sources, soldering irons, isolating transformers and sockets, have a place above the worktop. Power breakers and switches that do not require constant access are under the table top. Control elements are located at shoulder height of a seated person, i.e. within optimal reach of the worker. All the wiring is then hidden inside the table legs. The result is a perfectly ergonomic workplace with a completely free worktop and devices that are always at hand.

VertiGo tables are ready for current and future tasks

The VertiGO workplace is designed as an open modular system. This solution respects the requirements of the present and at the same time is prepared for the demands of the future. Devices and components can be easily changed or supplemented according to current needs. The standing legs can be equipped with low voltage terminals, data sockets, compressed air outlets and other equipment. A sufficient number of electrical sockets with single-phase and three-phase voltage is a matter of course.


Quality workmanship and top design represent the highest technological level of all VertiGO workstations. They are designed as an open modular system that fully respects the requirements of today and at the same time can be developed according to the requirements of the future.

The entire supporting structure of the table is made of high-quality steel, ensuring a robust and strong table. The structure is treated with powder paint.

It can also be ordered in an ESD version, which eliminates electrostatic voltage. Working on VertiGO tables is also safe for sensitive electronic components.

The tilting shelf makes it possible to adjust the setting of the placed devices to an ergonomically friendly angle.

The tilting shelf is equipped with a stop to prevent the placed devices from falling

Individual modules can be removed by simply loosening four screws.

Sophisticated instruments can be placed in the instrument superstructure of the VarioLab+ system.

The devices are installed above the worktop of the table.

Perfect lighting of the work area. Adjustable light brightness with LED technology.

In the back channel you can store all the wires for powering your projects.

The rear channel may contain electrical outlets for connecting other devices on the worktop.

Power cords and other media are hidden in the legs of the table.

The legs of the VertiGO table are equipped with system holes for mounting other accessories, such as a computer holder.

An exceptional workspace for your projects

In every detail, VertiGO also respects other requirements for integration into the workspace. By combining VertiGO workplaces into integrated assemblies, a solid, robust and uniform surface is achieved. This area can be used, for example, for serial production. The color design of the VertiGO workplaces can match other parts of the interior and thus contribute to harmonizing the workplace according to the customer’s corporate habits.

In this way, the individuality of each customer can be displayed. Management of connected cables, computer holders and other design details help even with such a common activity as cleaning under the workplace. VertiGO is a real helper for professionals!


Maximum security

Safety always comes first. The VertiGO workplace is therefore equipped with a central security control module with all important protection elements. The TOTAL STOP emergency button is also illuminated in yellow.

The central protection module includes a sound signal for switching off and on, a circuit breaker, a current protector, a TOTAL STOP button, and a power indicator light.

Security key to prevent control of the workplace by unauthorized persons.

An optionally supplied beacon in different colors informs the surrounding area about ongoing work.

The yellow illuminated TOTAL STOP improves operator orientation in critical situations.

Compatible with VarioLab+

The VertiGO system respects the customer’s specific requirements for integration into the workspace. The tables can be used separately or combined into complete sets. For example, you can create a uniform surface, suitable for series production. If you have higher equipment requirements in the future, you can combine VertiGO with VarioLab+ attachments. This gives you a highly sophisticated workplace with almost unlimited possibilities.

Devices and compatibility

The workplace is not just a place to store tools. It needs to be measured, powered, calculated, controlled. For these purposes, a wide range of devices is available, both for building into table legs and into the device superstructure. The set of devices is constantly being developed with new and new items. Electrical and electronic devices can be supplemented with pneumatic devices. Your projects are supported by VertiGO devices.

Compressed air outlet with switch.

Socket 3x 400 V / 16 A. Possible protection can be done by some protection module.

Micro soldering iron 80 ÷ 450 °C / 35 W with easy-to-read LED display.

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