Vibra Zero

Vibra Zero brings the parameters of top laboratories to your workplace. Ingenious construction with double vibration damping represent an ideal helper when working with particularly sensitive measuring laboratory equipment.

Precise work without disturbing vibrations

Do you expect precise results and precise work? These are only possible under optimal conditions. Vibra Zero anti-vibration tables effectively prevent the transmission of vibrations of up to 1 kHz from the surrounding environment to your worktop and thus reduce the possibility of distorting the results to a minimum.

Construction designed to the last detail

The excellent properties of the Vibra Zero table are based on a solid iron construction with a special anti-vibration filling. This frame gives the table exceptional stability and fulfills the initial damping effect. Four blocks of Vibrodig damping material are placed on the steel structure, on which a massive granite worktop is placed. The structure is covered by the laminate body of the table, which is not connected to the frame in order to prevent further transmission of vibrations to the worktop (for example, when a worker touches the table).

Vibrodig damping material with precisely defined damping parameters.

Massive granite slab for placing sensitive devices weighing up to 40 kg.

The supporting granite plate is embedded in the table shell and is not connected to it anywhere – maximum protection against the transmission of vibrations.

All edges of the casing plates, including the inner ones, are equipped with an ABS edge for use even in clean, dust-free spaces.

Separate adjustable feet. For the frame and shell separately.

Vibra Zero anti-vibration tables can also be supplied in an anti-static version.

Protection of electrostatically sensitive components

Do you work with components sensitive to electrostatic discharge? Vibra Zero anti-vibration tables are also produced in a version of a special, anti-static laminate, which guarantees protection against electrostatic discharge.

Why choose Vibra Zero tables?

Vibra Zero offers the possibility to work in perfect laboratory conditions without the disturbing influence of ambient vibrations.

  • Effective vibration reduction in the 1 Hz to 1 kHz band
  • Sophisticated design worked out in detail
  • Granite worktop with a load capacity of 40 kg
  • Unique damping material Vibrodig
  • Zero contact between the frame and the table shell
  • ABS table edges for use in a dust-free environment
  • Quality design
Vibra Zero

The granite slab is laid on blocks made of special material Vibrodig with a high damping effect. By combining the parameters of the Vibrodig damping material, the rigid and heavy construction of the tables and the weight of the granite slab, excellent vibration damping values are achieved. Vibration attenuation of Vibra Zero tables is most pronounced in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 1 kHz. Ideal for any precise measurement.

Technical parameters

Vibration reduction: < 10 µm in the range of 1 Hz to 1 kHz
Load capacity of granite slab:     40 kg with distributed load
Load capacity of the casing worktop: 80 kg with distributed load
Table dimensions in mm (h, w, d – approx.): 780 x 1500 x 800 or 780 x 900 x 750
Usable area in mm: 600 x 600 or 500 x 500
Thickness of granite slab 600 x 600 mm: 60 mm
Thickness of granite slab 500 x 500 mm: 90 mm
Frame: lattice construction made of thick-walled profile
high weight, anti-vibration filling
Granite slab suspension: 4 x blocks of special Vibrodig damping materiál

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